Three Cents Column by Director Bong

Three Cents Column by Director Bong of RGO 24! 'Although I am lacking and my writing is only worth as much as 'three cents...' I share the Sunday messages and interpret them with 'the language of the world.''

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Let’s throw away the idea of a special day being like a mirage from our minds.


‘A special day’ like a mirage

A man lost his wife.  After the funeral, while he was organizing his wife’s possessions, he found a scarf.  This scarf was one that his wife bought from a famous store when they went on an overseas trip.  She spent quiet a lot to buy it.  Because it was a precious scarf, she didn’t use it daily but saved it for a special day.  It was very clean.

This scarf never had ‘a special day’ and was never used, so it just became a ‘relic’.  ‘A special day’ which will not come is like a mirage.  It was a chance for the husband to feel and realize deeply in his bones that every day is the most special day.

2014, the 'best time’ in our lives, let’s spend this core time well.

You would remember that this week’s message started with the words: ‘the time that we are with the Holy Son’ is the most special day, the best opportunity, ‘the core time’ for salvation and perfect change. The urgent message is saying "now or never".  Even Satan tells people to “Believe and love God and live righteously.” However, this is how he says it: “Play and enjoy your day like this until today and from tomorrow believe and love God.”  He adds an extra phrase at the front.

Zeitgeist (the spirit of the age) means the psychological tendency which reflects intellectual, political, and social trends that rule over the time period.  It goes with ‘the Word of the time period’. The core of the Word of the time period is this: the Holy Trinity created nature and the world and in order to fulfill the purpose of creation, They gave humanity a new ‘promise (opportunity)’ and through fulfilling the promise, [They] raised our level to gradually love each other perfectly. This is what we have learned.

The process that leads us to reach the perfect salvation should truly be the ‘core’ of Zeitgeist.  The core of Zeitgeist is that the Word preached by the person who was sent at this time, ‘accurately’ knowing the Holy Trinity’s Will and preaching the Will by mouth or in writing’ in the mountains, in the fields, on the street, or by the ocean shore. If you listen to the Word and follow, no matter who you are, you will be ‘the owner of the time’ who possesses the core of Zeitgeist.

It is very important for us whether  we, each and every individual, can properly judge the Word of this time period.  Because “this judgment’ is determined by our brains, our thoughts, we must guard our thoughts—the core—not to be taken away by Satan or worldly things that are vain.

The year 2014, which will never come back, is ‘the most important time’ in our lives.  It is ‘a special year’ on which you should bring out the scarf that was saved to wear for a special day without regret.  At this ‘time like a core’ the core is how do we live and with what kind of thoughts [in our brains].  When we grab the ‘core’ and follow Heaven’s direction, we can become ‘the owner of the new history’.




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