Don't you want to praise? Let's do it with a ukulele! by Kai

A ukulele is a small, portable instrument with four strings. It is also easy to play. With a ukulele, praise God whenever and wherever!

칼럼_완결칼럼_Don't you want to praise? Let's do it with a ukulele!

How to tune a ukulele



There is a basic procedure to accurately tune an instrument for playing beautiful music.
Let’s learn how to tune a ukulele.

Before starting tuning, check your electronic tuner. When you tune your ukulele, tune it to 440 hz and set the tuner to chromatic mode (C) or ukulele mode (U).





Do not fret the strings or pluck the 1th to 4th strings. 

<String 1~4 open notes>
String #1 – A
String #2 – E
String #3 – C
String #4 – G

Turn the tuning peg for the corresponding string until the note the tuner is making and the note your string is making match and until the needle rises to the middle of the tuner.

(*When you loosen the tuning pegs, the notes descend and when you tighten the tuning pegs, the notes ascend.)




There are two ways to set the 4th string: set it to high G or set it to low G. Now, you have tuned your ukulele to play beautiful music.


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