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Part 02. The miniature almighty being and the colossal Almighty Being



How can God bring a dead star to life?

In Part 1, we studied about the formation and evolution of a star from an astronomical point of view. How can religious people explain about a star’s formation and evolution? They would say that God created the stars. Astronomers will explain about the [formation of] the universe based upon the laws of physics, and religious people will explain the [formation of] the universe as a miraculous work of God. According to contemporary science and theology, a miracle is a “law of the transcendental” or a “law of exception.” Scientific arguments and religious arguments seem to conflict with one another.

If God wants a star to burn again, what would he do? Can He work a miracle and make it suddenly burn again? Pastor Jung Myeong Seok reasoned that even God cannot do that.

God rules the world according to the rational law of creation. However, most people say that there is nothing the omnipotent and omniscient God cannot do and live believing that God will make the sun burn again with His ‘power’ even after the sun is completely burned up and runs out of energy. If you have a son who died completely at the age of twenty, you cannot bring him back to life. In order to make a son exist again, just like the first time, you must give birth to another child, raise him, and make him grow to be twenty years old. God too, when the sun is completely burned up and disappears, He will not make it burn again by exercising His power. It means that He would have to create another mass of hydrogen for several million years and [make it] burn again. God is a God of laws.

- From the Monday morning message on January 20, 2014

The physical world, that is, the world of the body, has an end. God created it to have an end. Therefore, all the things of the physical world will come to an end at some point because all of their lifespans will expire. Power is not bringing a person who is already dead back to life. Power is to create a human being through combining genes according to the law of creation, causing them to be born, and to bring them into existence. This is God's law of creation of reason. God is a God of reason.

- From the Sunday message on January 19, 2014

God works according to reason. For example, if you want to take a photo while you are in an airplane, you must earnestly tell God while you are on the plane. If you do, He will take a picture of you through a person on the plane who has a camera. If you ask for a camera later after you get home, saying that you want to take an aerial photo of what you see from the plane, even God cannot take that photo for you. However, people do not know God Who works through the law of reason. Even though God works through reason, people do not understand Him but just expect Him to perform a miracle, like in fairy tales. Pastor Jung teaches, “Even things that would have worked out do not work out because people live their lives saying that God is omniscient and omnipotent, believing that He will do everything for them unconditionally because He has 'power.'”  

A human is a miniature almighty being.

The Bible says that God created humans in His image and gave them the authority to rule over every living creature. Pastor Jung teaches, “God is a Divine Being and a Being who is omniscient and omnipotent in a big way; human beings, who were created by Him, are beings who are omniscient and omnipotent in a small way as ‘human beings.”

Human beings, as small omnipotent beings, live building 'homes' on the earth, and <God>, as the big omnipotent Being, worked on a magnified scale and made the 'universe' and built a house called the 'earth' in it. A house built by a person grows old and crumbles when 1,000 years pass. To make that house exist again, a person must build it again even if it is hard. In this way, once the earth, which was made by God, dies and collapses of old age, it cannot exist as a new [earth] even if God tells it to "exist again." It will exist again only if it is created again. The 'universe' and the 'earth' is the <physical world>. Therefore, once their lifespan expires, they end. Stars too, once they die, they end as dark stars without light, just as trees end as ashes once they are completely burned.

- From the Wednesday message on January 22, 2014

The reason humans could create modern civilization is that humans are omnipotent and omniscient as humans. Since God is a Divine Being and a Being who is omniscient and omnipotent in a big way, He created the laws of nature and the universe. Because humans are miniature almighty beings, they can discover the world of laws that God has allowed them to find and understand the universe through those findings. Then, they can create modern conveniences by taking action according to the law of reason.

  If you come to know, [you will see that] science and religion do not conflict with one another. [In fact], science supports religious teachings with certainty and religious teachings give more value and light to scientific discoveries. Pastor Jung teaches people about God, Who works through the law of creation of reason. He reveals that God is omnipotent and omniscient on the side of Heaven, and he tears down the wall between religion and science and makes a path for them to become one on the side of earth. He illuminates the new position of humans through the message, “Humans are small omnipotent beings.” He makes a road [for us] to get to know God, the colossal Almighty Being, through a miniature almighty being.


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