Milkyway Children’s Stories by Milkyway

The Lord is whispering stories to you! Perk up your ears and listen well. Then your spirit will grow quickly and your heart will also grow quickly!

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The Talents Entrusted by the Lord




[Scriptures] Matthew 25:14-30


There was once an owner. The owner gave five talents, two talents and one talent to each of the  three servants and left to go far away to another country. The ones who received five talents and two talents immediately put their talents to work and made more money. However, unlike those two people, the person who got one talent complained about the owner and resented him. It was because the money that he received from the owner was far less than the other people’s. Hence, he just buried the money that he received in the ground. 

Since the time had come, the owner came back. For the servants who made more money by running a business with the money that the owner gave, the owner acknowledged them as “good and faithful servants.” However, for the servant who buried [the money] in the ground while complaining after receiving one talent, he was rebuked by the owner because he was a “bad and lazy servant.” Moreover, he had to give the money that he received to the people he compared himself to.  


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