Milkyway Children’s Stories by Milkyway

The Lord is whispering stories to you! Perk up your ears and listen well. Then your spirit will grow quickly and your heart will also grow quickly!

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The Angel’s Basket





How should we pray? 

First, a prayer of thanksgiving : 

Give thanks to God first. He said that even a word of thanksgiving is better than the prayer of only asking all night long.

Second, a prayer of repentance: 

Ask God for forgiveness while telling him what you have done wrong. This is called ‘repentance’.

Third, a prayer of ‘I will do it for you’: 

Tell God what you want to do for Him and make a promise to Him. 

Forth, a prayer of ‘Please do it for me’: 

You pray about what you hope and wish for.

This is how we should pray. God is always listening to the Milky Way’s prayers. 

Now, shall we put prayers in our prayer basket? 


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